Classy Steaks

1 unit = 0.5lb
$21.99/lb. Avg. 8 oz.
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If you have a preference for a particular cut, please leave us a note on your order (during checkout) and our butchers will try their best to accommodate.

Depending on the day's availability, you will receive one of these great steaks:

Flat Iron - A thin, lightning-fast searing steak, you won’t often find this cut outside of a whole animal shop. It sits on either side of a thick tendon in the chuck that most conventional butchers don’t take the time to separate, but you’ll be glad we do because it’s the best of both worlds baby - tender AND flavorful. 

Denver - The Denver has all the flavor of its’ downstairs neighbor--the short ribs--with the convenience and chewability of a penthouse searing steak. 

Delmonico - An extension of the Ribeye into the shoulder, this cut is a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets. Although it’s a tad more toothsome than its ol’ pal Prime Rib, it makes up for that in a big way with its’ knockout marbling and flavor. 

Shoulder Tender - Other known aliases include the "Petite Tender" and the "Chuck Tender". Whatever you want to call it, this steak is a supple little treasure from the beef shoulder, one of the most tender muscles on the animal, and a real treat. 

Top Sirloin - A fat cap on, cross-cut top sirloin is the big rugged hunk you need when you’re dealing with a crowd. This bad boy also cleans up real nice, leaned out, and tied up as an excellent alternative to Filet Mignon at half the price with none of the pretension. 

Merlot - Sam Turner's favorite steak.