Marinate & Sear Steaks

1 unit = 1lb
$21.99/lb. Avg. 1 lb.
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If you have a preference for a particular cut, please leave us a note on your order (during checkout) and our butchers will try their best to accommodate.

Depending on the day's availability, you will receive one of these great steaks:

Tri-Tip - Your friends that moved to California last year have probably posted all over social media about how it’s sunny 24/7, and how cheap their 2 bedroom bungalow is, and that Tri-Tip on the grill is THE BEST and LA is totally worth the apocalyptic traffic! As insufferable as they might be, they’re right about one thing - the Tri-Tip is a BBQer’s best bud. Substantial enough to feed the family, fatty enough to be flavorful, and lean enough for the picky eaters; what else could you ask for?

Skirt - A classic gentleman. Skirt calls you back, Skirt actively listens, Skirt is the perfect host, and Skirt never lets you down. You can spice things up with a marinade if you want to, but why mess with a good thing?

Bavette - Imagine that a Skirt steak and a Hanger steak fell in love and decided to start a family. Their firstborn and favorite child would be sweet baby Bavette. Baptize it in a quick marinade and throw it on the grill or a hot pan and enjoy the fruit of thy loin(steaks). 

Flank - Long, loose muscle structure makes Flank perfect for slicing against the grain, folding inside a warm tortilla, and serving with all her best buddies - Ms. Salsa Picante, Señor Simon Limón, and Monsieur Creme Fraiche. But don’t be fooled - this beauty shines with or without an entourage.  

Top Cap - The Top Cap is what a steak would look like if it transferred from Loin Preparatory Academy to Leg Senior High School the summer after sophomore year. It has the same muscle structure as some of our favorite loin grillers like the Skirt and the Bavette, with the lean tenderness of a lovely lil’ leg steak like the Merlot.