Superlost Coffee Roasters, Solo Sábado

Superlost Coffee Roasters, Solo Sábado

1/2 lb

Solo Sabàdo showcases single farm Colombian coffee

The name comes from the Caicedonia tradition where farmers only roast on Saturdays to celebrate the fruits of the harvest as a community. WHOLE BEAN.

Farmer: Jose Eusebio Velasco

Farm: Las Mercedes

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Process: Washed / Double Fermentation

Varietal: Catura | Colombia

Altitude: 1,850 Meters

Tasting Notes: Stone Fruit, Malted Milk Balls, Lemon Cookies

Roast Level: Light / Medium

Roasted: Weekdays

Roasted/distributed by Superlost Coffee Roasters in Brooklyn, NY.